How much does a Poker chip set cost

An important difference between virtual and real Poker is the presence of not only playing cards but also a Poker chip set.

While these chips are just colored pixels in online Poker, one can artfully stack real chips in front of him. In addition, they can distract the player when a gambler has folded.

Poker chip set values are rarely set

Poker chip set value depends on the game type and on the material they are made of: Super Diamond Clay Poker chips, for instance, are very cheap. The set of 25 units price is $1, 5 only. Here, the price depends on the quality stuff the unit is made of, its design and even weight.

If a player wants to organize a tournament with his friends, he can set the value of a unit at his “home” casino Poker chip set. Finally, he should orientate himself to the colors and assign each color a specific value. Once that has been memorized, it will be easily preceded in the future. Helpful in this context, one can take a look in the casinos and a common scheme of the local Poker chips values.

The colors may differ, but the chip distribution may look like this:

  • Poker white units in the Poker chip set – $ 1;
  • Red – $ 5;
  • Green – $ 25;
  • Black – $ 100;
  • Violet – $ 500.

The values can be diverse: all depends on a casino.

But another times you can get in casino online bonus like some chips.

Chips Distribution

If a player hosts Texas Hold’em tournament and invites friends, he does not have to worry about the Poker chip set distribution. Again, there are no fixed rules. It is best to choose a starting amount in conversation with the other players, which then goes to all participants in the round in the form of the different chips. It makes sense to match the number of chips that a player receives with the number of minimum bets.

For example, if they are $ 25 and $ 50, a gambler should make sure that the poker chips distribution is regulated so that all players can make their bets without big changes. The $ 1 or $ 500 chips are less important. In addition to the fact that poker chips are an essential part of a real tournament and the unit value defines the bets, one can do even more with the small plastic discs.

Where to buy them

Poker is a hugely popular card game. Googling just the “best Poker chip set”, a user will receive countless offers. For relatively small money, one can get a complete set so fast.

The most common designs have a circumference of 300, 500 or 1000 chips made of plastic with a metal core. The higher quality specimens are made of clay and accordingly a little more expensive.

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