Poker chip values and how it differs

Poker chips are usually have standard sizes that are similar in every casino. All chips have the same colors in every casino and each color is dedicated to certain value of a chip. They value of chips rarely differ from one gambling resource to another but some values may also be added despite being used very rarely.

Additionally, high stake games are very rare too hence denomination of high value chips is also a very common thing to simplify the process. In this case plaques are used for denomination of thousands of dollars or other currencies to represent poker chip values.

Poker value chips

Poker chip may differ from one to the other depended on the State where poker is played or even a poker game type like hold em poker. However, in most of the cases it stays the same and the rules for value and color combination are roughly similar everywhere. The color can easily be remembered visually, so a player knows exactly what amount of money people deal with.

Normally, it is presented as follows:

  • USD 1 – white
  • USD 2 – yellow (used very rarely)
  • USD 10 – blue
  • USD 20 – grey
  • USD 25 – green
  • USD 50 – orange
  • USD 100 – black
  • USD 250 – pink
  • USD 1000 – yellow (might be grey or burgundy)
  • USD 2000 – light blue
  • USD 5000 – brown

These are the standard value and color combinations that used most of the times. Some casinos may add their own chip that has a specific value and color but this is a very rare event and general standards apply most of the times almost everywhere.

Chip that may differ in certain casinos and states

Every chip is designed specifically in the way that any poker chip tricks are avoided. All of them have a standard size, which is familiar to every player and so that its color is very distinctive. A distinctive color helps to remember a chip’s value but differences may be seen from time to time.

Here is what can be found:

Las Vegas casinos and particularly Wynn casino may add USD 2 – brown chip and USD 3 – peach chip.

California casinos may have completely different sent of chips:

  • USD 1 – blue but may vary
  • USD 2- green
  • USD 3 – red
  • USD 5 – yellow
  • USD 10 – brown
  • USD 20 – black
  • USD 25 – purple
  • USD 100 – white ( may be oversized)
  • USD 500 – grey or brown (might be oversized

When an even of up to 10 people is organized there are could be 500 chips of 4 basic colors.

If a tournament involves up to 30 people, then 1000 chips of 4 and 5 basic colors may be used.

Therefore, there could be different varieties of poker chip color combinations depended on a type of poker such as dice poker or any other poker, different location such as state and tournament that involves different number of people.

In other circumstances general standards apply. By knowing the basic standards, it is difficult to be confused and make a mistake whilst making a bet.

What chip denominations are needed for the game?

Generally speaking, the basic denominations of poker chips are 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000. It all depends on tournament you choose, if it’s T100, use chips with denomination 1, 5, 10 (here it’s possible to use chips with denomination 2 or 10). If it is a tournament, where every player starts with the sum of 1000 – the face value of your chips should be 5, 25, 100, and 500, for T10000 tournaments – 25, 100, 500 and 1000.

We have been playing poker for a long time, we bought a poker set of 300 chips (100 white chips – assigned a face value of 10, 100 blue chips – face value of 20, 50 black chips – face value of 50, 50 red chips – face value of 100), you will agree it is very “not standard”. At the time we were not familiar with the “guidelines”, however, this does not prevent us from enjoying the game. Playing T1000 (10 white, 10 blue, 5 black, 5 red chips)

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