DopeReads Updates – BWA Winner!

Sup y’all!This week has been super exciting – lots of updates. Peep them below!

1. DopeReads won the Black Weblog Award for Best Book/Author Blog! This was only due to God and the readers, so thank you so much for your support. IT WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU!

2. As a result, DopeReads will be undergoing some construction. This is a good thing. Beginning next week DR will roll out changes to spruce up the look and feel of the site, so give feedback on what features YOU would like to see! DR will also be posting more frequently during the week, so get ready for more content like interviews, book reviews, and podcasts.

3. A DopeReads Event is coming REAL soon, in conjunction with a DOPE organization and a DOPE author. So stay tuned :)

4. I’ll be participating in NaNoWrimo! If you don’t know, its a 30 day writing challenge to write a 50k word novel. So far I have a part of an outline, which I will be working on today and tomorrow, and then will get started writing on Sunday. Please keep me honest, because I have a hard time doing anything for 30 days except diddling around on Twitter and stuffing my face.

5. Since reading and writing are near and dear to my heart, I wanted to share my joy with the world. I just got my literacy tutor certificate! And I meet with my student this Monday so I’m super pumped. Wish me luck!

Ok that’s all I got! What’s cracking with you this week/end?


Humpday Realness

Currently working on a short story that has me by the neck. I literally must write this (for all the writers who have trouble with motivation, you know that these times are super valuable). Anyhoo, I leave you with some dope reads, vids, and updates to get you through your humpday. Have a good one!

1. Yo. Trillectro is coming to DC August 11. Bomb-ass dope-ass fresh-ass hip-hop/electro festival hosted by DCtoBC. Make sure you cop your tickets soon! All the cool kids will be there.

2. RuPaul spits metaphysical realness on Aisha Tyler’s podcast “Girl on Guy”. You will gag on this podcast, and you will DEAL.

3. You can find interesting mini-books for your electronic reading device from TED, the dope conference where people talk about IDEAS. Get inspired people, you can find out more about this cool new app here.

4. ‘Pelo Malo’ (bad hair) a super dope documentary about the challenges Afro-Latina women face when dealing with their naturally kinky hair. Looks like we are all in the same boat.

5. Tonight is the DopeReads Bible Challenge/Discussion. It starts at 8 PM EST, the reading is Genesis 32: 21-32. We’ll be discussing sibling rivalry and wrestling with God. You don’t need to be a holy roller to join in either, lol.

6. Interesting article on being an ally to our LGBTQQI friends a fellow Hamptonite. “Our goal should not be making coming out safe, but to make it unnecessary.”

7. Millenials are hopped up on electronic devices and social media networks (duh). Peep the infographic/post from GOOD.

8. Step into my wayback machine and see what I was doing BEFORE DopeReads – I wrote for SoulBounce and Clutch. I interviewed cool musicians and basically talked out the side of my neck (per the usual). Let me know what you think in the comments section

9. DopeReads is nominated for the Black Weblog Awards! Peep the shiny badge on the right hand corner of the page. Semifinalist voting doesn’t start until sometime in September, so be ready to rock the vote in a few months :)

Here’s hoping one of my short stories sees the light of day soon. How is your week so far?