Morning Inspiration: Ava Duvernay Gets Your Mind Right (@avaetc)

Filmmaker Ava Duvernay keeps it trill about what new filmmakers (and artists) need to do to make it: stop being thirsty and get PASSIONATE.

This is just in time for NaNoWrimo. Who else is participating this year??? Ava gathered me like whoa with this vid.


H/T to Film School Rejectsfor the vid.

Hip Hop Productivity Tip #002: Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)

So, I’m a big Kendrick Lamar fan. Now that that’s out of the way, lets talk about some the extremely solid advice embedded in the title of his song “Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)”. It reminds me of a particularly powerful sermon by my pastor about the need to prune things in our life for spiritual growth. In the same way, as writers and creators, we have to determine what people, processes and habits are serving us well and which are keeping us from reaching our true potential.

What things do you need to remove?

Hip Hop Productivity Tip #001: Back That Thang Up


The other day at work *almost* sucked. Not because the printer ran out of ink, or because I got caught up in a 2 hour meeting, or because Starbucks ran out of my favorite tea. No. It almost sucked because I got to my desk, logged into my computer, plugged in my headphones, turned up the volume…

…and no sound.

My headphones were broken.

Those of you who are about that cubicle-nation plantation life know *exactly* what type of hell this is – if, like me, you require a soundtrack to get you through your day, going without headphones is like having a limb amputated. A very small, white, earbud shaped limb. And my day would have been extremely long if I hadn’t abided by the following rule that I learned from a certain Nawlins’ rapper who took over for the ’99 and the 2000:

Back that thang up.

This motto is why I keep a spare pair of headphones on me. I know that music is an important part of keeping me motivated while I work, so i have to make sure there aren’t any interruptions in the flow of that music. Having a spare also kept me from blasting A$AP Ferg through my speakers at the office to get me through my 3 PM slump. Everybody wins.

Backing that thang up is not just for earbuds though. As a writer it’s important to back up your files, pictures, your website, and even chargers for your phone. Make a list of products and items that, if you completely lost tomorrow, would be a big problem for you. Then back those thangs up.


Drankin’ and Writin’.

Hemingway had mojitos. Kerouac had the margarita. And I, well, I have Nuvo Peach Cobbler sparkling liquer.


This looks even more awesome to me after reading NPR’s trend piece about brown folks drinking Moscato, which got snooty black Twitter all tender for some reason. Even Gawker got in on the action. I actually haven’t had a chance to open this yet (it’s a friend’s) but I’m pretty sure it’ll be my “gateway”** drink. So in the future when the internet puts together a list of what authors drink while they write, mine will say sugar with a splash of liquor.  Sipping and scrivening, y’all

Happy Saturday :)

**According to the NPR piece, Moscato is a gateway for younger, more diverse drinkers to get into wine.

Mid-Week Inspiration – Drop The Ball

Met Scott Hanselman at Blogging While Brown. He had on a Hillman College and was talking to a friend of mine, so I knew he was cool :) He’s also social media/technology guru, and shared some of his insights on productivity which made me feel more hopeful about my own writing and work.

“Sometimes dropping the ball is the right answer”

*does the Holy Ghost dance* Check it out and let me know what you think. Have a productive Wednesday!