Black Girl’s Guide to Bikram Yoga

let it burn

If someone told me to go to hell, I would simply reply: “I practice Bikram yoga, I’ve already been.”

Bikram is quite possibly the hardest physical activity that I have done. Basically, it is 26 ancient yoga postures in 110 degree heat with about 50% humidity patented by guru Bikram Choudhry. Trust me, not for the faint of heart, but you will feel so yummy afterwards that it will be worth it.

For the adventurous soul, here are some tips to make it through your 90-minute hell session:
1. Get (Almost) Naked
Its hot as hello in the room, and you will sweat like a hooker in church. A sports bra and biking shorts will do, or even a bathing suit. Get as close to naked as possible without being indecent.

2. Wear F*cked Up Hair
As stated previously, you will sweat profusely. Please don’t go if you just got a fresh press or perm, as you will be profusely pissed. The day before you lay down the creamy crack is best, otherwise go natural or shave it off.

3. Get over it

Your fat stomach. Your cellulite. Your back acne. Your final report for work. Your yoga neighbor’s mysterious funk. LET ALL THAT SH*T GO. Bikram is a place where you can let  your worries, fears and concerns sweat away, and focus on healing YOURSELF.  People are constantly in a rush to do whats next, instead of living in the moments they have. Besides, you won’t be able think because your brain will be FRIED by the heat :)

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