Book Review: This Is How You Lose Her

Ok, I’ve been stanning on this book for a while, and I just couldn’t shake how deeply it touched me. So I linked up with my homegirl Erika and we had a lengthy heart-to-heart about the emotions this book took us through: tears, passion, frustration. Something about the characters and the writing got deep into my marrow, y’all.¬†Like this book will have you swan-diving headfirst into your feelings and backstroking in the sea of your emotions. Peep the discussion below and let me know what you think.

Happy Monday!

Also,¬† I made a tumblr dedicated Junot Diaz’s carnal-ass way of depicting women in his stories. ThisIsHowYouDescribeHer.Tumblr.Com. Since even Slate agrees his literary lady descriptions are segsy. Enjoy!




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6 thoughts on “Book Review: This Is How You Lose Her

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  2. Definitely going to get this. Waiting on paperback. I’m all caught up in “The Memory of Love” right now. It’s about love and obsession, a combination that many have fallen victim to I’m sure. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it unfolds!

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