Four (4) Thoughts I’ve Had While Watching Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl

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For the past few months me and most of my friends have been held in rapturous thrall of the “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” webseries, known to stans as ABG. It’s ignorant. It’s funny.  It stars a tall, brown, natural-headed woman. The lead character is not some beweaved hot girl who smacks gum and p-pops on a handstand, but instead a woman who single-handedly revived the Bankhead Bounce. This show is perfection.

For so long intelligent black women have been without a comedic hero. Smart white chicks get Liz Lemon and whatever role Amy Poehler is playing. Hoodrats have Remy Ma and Slews have Superhead. You get the picture. I guess America’s preoccupation our singleness has blinded it to the fact that we can be funny without being fat, sassy, or both. With that said, here are four thoughts I’ve had while watching ABG:

1.  Someone named “Issa Rae” has apparently been living in my head for the past 26 years and hasn’t bothered to let me know until she put out this show.

Word Issa Rae? You just gon’ write a show, that’s completely reflective of my life, and look just like one of my homegirls from college? And be funny and sh*t? Oh ok. *Folds arms.*

2. White J could get it. Continue reading