Writerly Wednesday

For writerly Wednesday I wanted to share some non-fiction writing that I’ve done over at SoulBounce.com. Check it out and let me know what you think:

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In other literary news, I feel totally vindicated in my assessment of Teju Cole’s novel “Open City,” based on the review it got over @ the New York Times. You can peep it here.



Mother’s Day – Revisited

This is a post from my old blog, and it details a particularly…entertaining Mother’s Day experience in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago. Enjoy!


There are many things that I despise about the Steel city, but church is not one of them. The church I attend is so downright slammin’, it is the only thing I think I’ll miss when I leave. It’s a black Baptist church; services are always packed to the brim with all different types of folks (young/old/hood/uppity/working class). A nice little mix. And pastor stay preachin’ that good wyud (lol).

Anyways, it is Mother’s Day so I decide to traipse my  tail to church. I know it would make my mom happy since she is convinced that I am still on my Buddhist kick from two years ago. Praise and worship were winding up when I walked in so I settled down in a pew in the balcony. I’m right behind women who are clearly mothers, as evidenced by their hefty behinds and matching suits and church hats.

Pastor begins his acknowledgment of the moms on Mother’s Day, and what do you know, he has a few special gifts for a few special mothers! He has an assistant bring up 3 boxes and asks the congregation, “How many mothers have been members of this church for 30 years?”. About 20 people stand. “How many for 40 years? 50?”. About 10 people sit down. He keeps going until he gets to 70 years, and 3 elderly women are left standing. He gives them [GORGEOUS] church lady hats! You know they loved it :) Black church ladies love to have their hair and hats on point.

So he asks for the NEWEST moms in the church, the women with the newest babies. “How many of you have 6-month old babies,” he says. Twenty women stand. He continues until he whittled the standing women to 2.  Do you know what he has for them as a Mother’s Day gift? A gift certificate for FREE LACEFRONT WIGS…the women in the congregation went wild with excitement. I guess future church ladies need their hair covered too? With lacefronts? iCant.