Creativity vs. Logic

Which one are you?

I came across this dope Mercedes-Benz advertisement today at work, and couldn’t help but be taken by both the striking beauty of the piece and the slightly misleading statement it makes. It’s easy to subscribe to stereotypes about creative people (full of sh*t, flighty) and logic-driven folks (robotic, lacking emotional intelligence), but in all honesty both capabilities are needed to be truly successful in any endeavor.

With that said, I know I sometimes¬†not so secretly judge people who lack…imagination. But I also know that the technological innovation of the iPhone doesn’t come from the same place as the creativity it takes to paint The Persistence of Memory.

Just a little something to think about.



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5 thoughts on “Creativity vs. Logic

    • I know! I want to get it printed professionally and matted and framed for my house. I thought it was so….beautiful. It’s amazing how deeply some ads resonate.

  1. loved the read….don’t have much to contribute besides the fact…that it is a daily endeavor for me put both sides of the brain to use. You ever notice THAT person that is bogged down by one side of the brain? hahaha Aren’t they great to just observe, how they go about life. Its great because most of the time they are so oblivious to how they are unbalanced….and how they cause themselves more work….BUT half the time it works for them. lol….the crazy artist that jus cant seem to get themselves upwardly mobile to function in a business world and develop a business plan…(but somehow signs a multi million dollar deal)..or the cut throat wallstreet mogul that can’t seem to get a grip on what drives an economy is a human mind that is saturated with emotion, yet it is he/she that is calling the shots of how our economy is flowing.

    As an observer, I love to watch people’s interactions in the world…but yet, one can over analyze a situation to where all the lines become blurred..(lol) sooo overtime, I’ve learned sometimes a surface glance is best! Just enough of an observation to render a smile on your face. Not knowing the minute details or seeing the greater is picture can be a wonderful thing…. Ignorance can be bliss!

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